October 31st, 2023
Venus OS v3.12 - New energy meter and DSE generator controllers

Today we released Venus OS v3.12. Changes:

  • Add support for the new Victron Energy Meter, VM-3P75CT.
  • Add enable/disable switch for EV Chargers and VE-energy meters. Defaults to disabled: from now onwards, when installing an EV Charger with a GX, the EV Charger needs to be enabled in the GX. Any …
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September 25th, 2023
VictronConnect v5.96 - Small improvements

A new version of the VictronConnect App is now available, version v5.96.

This version, as well as other recent releases, has various small improvements. The most important one are:

  • Fix issues with firmware updates on the recently released Apple iOS 17.
  • Fix Bluetooth connection issues on c…
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September 12th, 2023
Venus OS v3.10 - S&W Priority, Generator start/stop ESS

Today we released Venus OS v3.10. Highlights:

  • Add controls for our new Solar and Wind priority feature.
  • Add Generator service interval
  • Add integration with ComAp Generator Controllers, reading AC data, but also oil pressure, coolant temperature as well as further status and data readings inclu…
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August 28th, 2023
VRM Solar forecast range extended to 7 days

You can now select the following time ranges on the dashboard to see the forecasted solar production for that range:

  • Tomorrow
  • Day after tomorrow
  • Next 2 days
  • Next 7 days

Custom time ranges can now also be selected up to 7 days in the future, as well as the past, …

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August 25th, 2023
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August 1st, 2023
VE.Bus firmware v506 & VEConfigure

Today we released VE.Bus firmware version v506, together with new versions of VEConfigure, VE.Bus System configurator and VE.Bus Quick Configure.


Change log:

  • Add the new Solar & wind priortiy feature. See https://ve3.nl/vebus-pr for further information.
  • Bug removed from GridCo…
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July 28th, 2023
MPPT RS 450/100 issue HQ2216-HQ2236

The MPPT RS 450/100, batches HQ2216 up to and including HQ2236, show an excessive failure rate. The underlying cause was a temporary change in a component. Despite extensive bench testing when approving the change, field returns have shown that these batches do not meet our normal reliability stand…

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July 18th, 2023
Multi RS v1.13 - Three phase systems

Today we released a firmware update for the Multi RS that adds the option to configure three phase systems. (!). A major next step towards making the RS a full featured Victron inverter/charger.

Note that paralleling multiple units on one phase is not possible. Hence, maximum system size with…

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July 18th, 2023
Venus OS v3.01 - various stability improvements

Today we released Venus OS v3.01. It has various stability improvements:

  • Fix issue in CAN-Bus timing for Ekranos
  • Fix bug where a network issue could cause the real time connection to VRM (MQTT) to be lost, until rebooted.
  • Fix Modbus-TCP bug, causing VE.Bus Inverter/state, register 31, to show …
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July 17th, 2023
EV Charging Station - fw v1.26: new features

A new firmware v1.26 with many new features has been released for the EVCS and EVCS NS:

  • Added ‚Overload protection’ feature. If the new "Maximum inverter power" option is set in an off-grid system, the EVCS regulates the charging power accordingly up to the point where charging is st…
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July 5th, 2023
New VRM feature - solar forecast

We've just launched a new solar forecast feature for VRM.

This feature combines a model of a sites solar production potential with irradiance forecasting data from Solcasts global fleet of weather satellites. 

To use this, make sure you fulfil all the requirements:

  • Your installation has a…
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June 8th, 2023
New product: Ekrano GX

Quite an announcement, today we are launching a new member of our GX product family. The Ekrano GX is an all-in-one monitoring device, with a built-in 7 inch touchscreen display and extensive connectivity on the rear.

The Ekrano GX is offering similar power and connectivity as the Cerbo GX, b…

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