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VE.Bus firmware v510 - grid code improvements

Release notes for VE.Bus firmware version v510:

  • Added gridcodes: Czech, Poland
  • Split the combined G98/G99 gridcode in two separate gridcodes. With G98 being limited to 16A.
  • Enabled the appendix M. gridcodes of AS/NZS4777 for standard Multis/Quattros (installation requires external Island Protection).
  • PowerAssist is now also available on the 500VA 230Vac products.


Note since this release there has been an additional firmware v550 for Quattro-II. It is advised to update Quattro-II systems to v550. 


How to install:

WARNING: updating the firmware of VE.Bus inverter/chargers is strongly advised to be carried out by trained personnel only. Performing the update will cause all settings to be reset to their default & require the product to be reconfigured.

For further information about when and how to update,

VictronConnect includes these firmware updates. Alternatively you can update via the VRM Remote Firmware update method.

The complete VE.Bus firmware changelog is available here