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VE.Bus firmware v550 - improved Error 11 method for relay test fault on Quattro-II
We've released new VE.Bus firmware version v550 for the Quattro-II. The changes are:
  1. Improved Error 11 detection reliability on Quattro-II models, especially in areas with frequent load-shedding and/or other grid failures.
  2. Various internal changes in the code, which is why its renumbered to v550.
This version was released for the Quattro-II only, all other models still have v510.

How to install:

Updating the firmware of VE.Bus inverter/chargers is strongly advised to be carried out by trained personnel only. Performing the update will cause all settings to be reset to their default & require the product to be reconfigured.

For further information about when and how to update,

Until this release is included in VictronConnect you will need to update by downloading the file from the firmware section of Victron Professional, or via the VRM Remote Firmware update method.