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VictronConnect v6.00 - Settings Lock

Good day!

Today we are releasing VictronConnect App v6.00. The main highlight is the new settings lock:

The new setting lock feature allows installers, and OEMs like RV and boat builders, to lock critical settings to prevent accidental changes being made to a system's operating parameters. A lot of detail went into this feature to find to make it easy to use, including unlocking, cloud storage of passwords as well as how to recover from a lost password. For full details, see the Settings lock blog post.

The products that now support the Settings lock feature are the BMV 712, all SmartShunts, all Smart Solar chargers, and the RS product range. More products will receive the same feature, next up is the Orion XS dc to dc charger.

Next, there is a series of small and large updates related to our various product ranges:

RS product series:

  • Add firmware v1.16; includes improvements for PV arrays having partial shading and various more improvements. For more details see this earlier post.
  • Add and update various settings and features.

EV Charge Station:

  • Add all settings that were already available to the web interface to the VictronConnect App.

Solar Chargers:

  • Add firmware update v1.63, v3.15 and Bluetooth firmware v2.50: add settings lock and various other improvements.

BMV-712 & SmartShunt:

  • Add firmware update for the settings lock feature, v4.16 & v2.50
  • Add manual control option for the BMV relay

Phoenix Smart Chargers:

  • Various improvements

Orion Smart Chargers:

  • Add off reasons

VE.Direct Inverters:

  • Extend the configurably range for the ECO mode search interval to 1 hour.
VE.Bus Smart Dongle:
  • Add firmware v1.18, which fixes an issue where for the MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-50 120/240V model, the details tab could show a large negative current on AC-Out L2 when inverting or with single phase grid connection
  • Add Ve.Bus error code 128 “Connection prevented by failing relay test”, Quattro-II.


Changed minimum operating system requirements

Unfortunately, progress sometimes also means a step back; in this case its about dropping support for older versions of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Its a topic about which we're quite sensitive here at Victron Energy - to not render older laptops, tablets and phones unusable; but here we had to drop supporting the older ones in order to stay up to date with requirements of new devices. Here are the changes to the minimum versions:

  • Android: minimum version changes from Android 5 to Android 8.
  • iOS: minimum version changes from iOS 12 to iOS 14.
  • Windows: minimum version changes from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • macOS: minimum version changes from macOS Sierra (10.12) to macOS Big Sur (11).

The last working version for the now dropped operating systems is VictronConnect v5.106, which will remain available for download on our Software and Downloads page.


VictronConnect v5.106 (only for Windows)

Also released today is VictronConnect version v5.106. It contains only one change, which is to not auto-update itself on now unsupported versions to the new v6.00 version. Note that the automatic update process, on Windows, will do two updates one after another. First it will update from v5.105 to v5.106, and once that starts up it will propopse to update to v6.00.


How to install and full change log

For all detailed changes, see the full change log.

For most systems, the VictronConnect App will update itself to v6.00. Otherwise see the downloads page: