News overview
Venus OS v3.20 - Orion XS, new Marine MFD app and more

Good morning!

Today we are releasing Venus OS v3.20. The two highlights are:

  1. Add support for our new Orion XS 12/12 50A DC-DC Battery Charger.
  2. Completely renewed Marine HTML5 App. Readability is increased, look and feel is much improved, and lastly tank level readout has been added. Also it now features a dark and light mode.

Other changes include:

  • Various improvements for the RS range, including fixing the visualisation of 3 phase systems both on the GX device as well as on the VRM Portal and also the option to give a name to each solar tracker and see that on both the GX device as well as VRM (use VictronConnect to set the name).
  • Auto-configuration profiles for WeCo and FinDreams batteries.
  • Various improvements on the DSE and ComAp generator controller integration, such as reading-out the tank level.

 Venus OS Large elated:

  • Node-RED updates including a much better looking dashboard, more information on
  • Signal K Server updates including the addition of user documentation and more improvements around usability.

For more information on Venus OS Large, see its manual.

Full change log

For the full change log, see the Venus OS entry in the firmware section on Victron Professional.


Documentation and more information

The English GX manuals are being updated in the coming week, translated versions will be updated as soon as the translations are finished.

A blogpost is available here now with more screenshots and more details about the renewed Marine MFD app -

Another blog post is planned for release in the near future that goes through the various Node-RED improvements.


How to install this update?

For systems connected to the internet, there are two different methods:

  • On the VRM Portal, go to Device List and there use the Update firmware button at the bottom.
  • On the GX Device, or Remote Console go to Settings -> Firmware.

And for systems not connected to the internet:

  • Use a SD-card or USB stick. The so called "off line update method".

More details in the GX Device manuals. Quick links to the relevant pages: Ekrano GXCerbo GXColor Control GX and for the Venus GX.