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Venus OS v3.14 - New Mopeka models, ARCO Zeus alternator controller and more

Today we released Venus OS v3.14.


Two highlights with regards to tank monitoring and alternator regulators:

  • Add support for all new Mopeka tank sensor models: Universal Pro, TD40, Pro 200 and Pro+.
  • Add support for the ARCO Zeus High Energy Alternator regulator. Includes monitoring the alternator output and status out locally on the display of the GX device as well as logging and monitoring it remotely on the Victron VRM Portal. See Arco ZEUS website for further information.


Next are improvements in the PV Inverter integration. Related to the latest Fronius and SMA models, KACO and other brands:

  • Fix issues in detecting newer models of Fronius inverters that caused them to be recognised as single phase inverters rather than what they are: three phase; when not using the Sunspec/ModbusTCP type of integration (which is disabled by default in the configuration of the Fronius).
  • Add support for new SMA TriPower X PV-inverters, and possibly even more models and brands: all PV-inverters that use the newer Sunspec data-models in the 700 series (IEEE1547) are now supported. Limiting, aka Zero feed-in is not (yet) supported on any of these.
  • Add support for read-out of KACO PV Inverters. Note that Zero feed-in is not supported at the moment


Full change log

For the full change log, see the Venus OS entry in the firmware section on Victron Professional.


How to install this update?

For systems connected to the internet, there are two different methods:

  • On the VRM Portal, go to Device List and there use the Update firmware button at the bottom.
  • On the GX Device, or Remote Console go to Settings -> Firmware.

And for systems not connected to the internet:

  • Use a SD-card or USB stick. The so called "off line update method".

More details in the GX Device manuals. Quick links to the relevant pages: Ekrano GXCerbo GXColor Control GX and for the Venus GX.