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Victron battery compatibility now more accepting of 3rd party lithium batteries
We have updated the Victron battery compatibility list to make it much clearer that 3rd party managed lithium batteries are now welcome to be used with Victron equipment.
We maintained this tested battery list to help reduce issues, and guide installers to select batteries with known settings that we knew to be trouble free. It also quite strongly discourgaged the use of batteries that weren't on the list, warning about likely issues.  
Over the last 12 months we have reviewed the market and our support issues, and can now say there are many batteries that are on the market which are not listed as tested, and being used successfully in Victron systems without issues.
Accordingly the discouraging text has been removed.
Our intention is that dealers who want to use these 3rd party batteries will no longer have so much trouble from their customers explaining why Victron says that they cause problems when they know from their own experience that they don't.
If all goes well, the effect should be more choice for you and your customers.