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Venus OS v3.13 - Improvements for generator integration, ESS, DVCC & RV-C

Today we released Venus OS v3.13. It has various stability improvements:

Generator integration

  • ComAp: fix Runtime hours display which was off by a factor of 60. Thanks to Srdjan Savic.
  • DSE: fix engine speed reporting
  • DSE: fix 7xxx MKII support

Aside from these small errors in parameter read-out, the integration with both CoMap and DSE generator controllers is a great success. We see more and more installations using it to their advantage. To learn more on the possibilities as well as how to set it up, see the ComAp chapter as well as the DSE chapter in the GX manual.


  • Increase limit of 32.7kW per phase limit to 138kW.
  • Fix problem where the recently introduced setting "Self-consumption from Battery" to "only critical loads" did not work correctly if a Multi on L1 was compensating for loads on other phases.


  • Fix bug where DVCC user charge current limit is ignored in systems with a VE.Bus BMS. Bug was introduced in Venus OS v3.00.

RV-C protocol

  • Fix TANK_STATUS DGN not being sent out; this was broken per v3.00
  • Fix transmission of DGNs related to the GX itself; this was broken per v3.00
  • Fix External control state field in the CHARGER_STATE DGN
  • Improve CHARGER_STATE in case the charger is disabled or mains is not present.
  • Improve INVERTER_STATE in case the inverter is disabled or cannot invert due to low battery.


Full change log

For the full change log, see the Venus OS entry in the firmware section on Victron Professional.


How to install this update?

For systems connected to the internet, there are two different methods:

  • On the VRM Portal, go to Device List and there use the Update firmware button at the bottom.
  • On the GX Device, or Remote Console go to Settings -> Firmware.

And for systems not connected to the internet:

  • Use a SD-card or USB stick. The so called "off line update method".

More details in the GX Device manuals. Quick links to the relevant pages: Ekrano GXCerbo GXColor Control GX and for the Venus GX.