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MPPT RS 450/100 issue HQ2216-HQ2236

The MPPT RS 450/100, batches HQ2216 up to and including HQ2236, show an excessive failure rate. The underlying cause was a temporary change in a component. Despite extensive bench testing when approving the change, field returns have shown that these batches do not meet our normal reliability standards.

The MPPT RS 450/200 is not affected.

The failure in question does not pose a safety concern. After the failure of the component, the PV output is shorted and the unit shows Error #200, DC Voltage Error.

We have decided to extend the warranty of said units to 10 years and make all affected units eligible for a free of charge replacement - even if not failed yet.

Whether it's best to replace a working unit for a newer one, or keep it installed, will depend on the situation. Further guidance on that, and many more details, are in this tech note.

To conclude, please accept our apologies for this matter. Many urgent decisions have been made during the component crisis, the vast majority of which worked out very well; but this is a rather unfortunate one that does not. Our sincere apologies for this matter!

Matthijs Vader / CEO