Node Red on a GX Device - setup, configure a simple and a complex Flow

Organizer: Lucian Popescu

What is the webinar about?

Since Node-Red is part of the Large Venus OS, on this webinar we are presenting the following:

Part1 - Lucian Popescu

  • Node Red Introduction
  • Victron products Node Red compatible
  • How to enable and access Node Red on a GX device
  • Documentation, support and community

Part 2 - Dirk-Jan Faber

  • Basic building blocks
  • The dashboard
  • Automation
  • Troubleshooting

Part 3 - Mark Corluka

  • More complex flows and integration - useful resources
  • Storing and sharing data - context storage
  • Example flow – automation with dynamic on/off thresholds and time delays

How to join?

The meeting will be held using Zoom, link on the right side.


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Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

11:00 AM CET (UTC +0100)


Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

12:00 PM CET (UTC +0100)

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